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Charitable Contributions

How Festival is helping make the world a better place


Going all the way back to 2009, Festival has been a staunch supporter of the humble lipsweater, and has raised a over $25,000 to date for Movember through the Moscarf, The MOpen and our an internal team of moustache farmers. 


The Hanne Howard Foundation

Again, in a way that only Festival can, we found ourselves working with a seemingly random assortment of organizations to help fund education in Africa. Merkburn Holdings had come across 125,000 pencils, without an idea of how best to use them. The pencils were mentioned to two people, Ted Horton of Sports Experts and the Hanne Howard Foundation. Ted had the idea to have a doantion box at the Sports Experts store locations where people could 'take a pencil, leave a donation' With that in mind, Festival got to work and developed a clear acrylic donation box, with a cardboard pencil holder. The end product grabs the attention of shoppers, and makes sure that it doesn't take up too much counter space at the cash. But the work wasn't done there, we still had distribution concerns! And that's where the Scouts Canada came in. The scouts helped us prep the pencils and pack them for delivery to each of the Sports Experts locations. And to top it all off we had a pizza part with Hanne of the foundation herself! For more information please check out the foundation at


From Houses to Homes

And of course our flagship project, The Guatemala House in conjunction with From Houses to Homes. This year Jay and Scott decided to formalize our international development projects and give one of our college and university clients a house built in their name in the mayan projects outside Antigua Guatemala. In 2010 we also sent two of our clients from Lakehead University to build a house that we paid for. To check out their trip click here. You can also follow the progress of the home build and additional fundraising efforts on the Festival Facebook Page.







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