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 Products Help the Environment

With ECOLINE, we insist on using suppliers with the most environmentally sensitive products currently available.



   ECOLINE products help the environment. With ECOLINE, we insist on using suppliers with the most environmentally sensitive products currently available. We research potential suppliers and their products thoroughly and have samples analyzed ourselves. In 1994 Festival Promotions was claimed the WINNER of the Nepean Chamber of Commerce Environmental Achievement Award. We were also the receiver of the 2007 PWGSC (Public Works) standup offer party based on environmental initiatives.

Recycled paper products saves trees, energy, water and prevents fewer chemical effluents in our lakes.

Unbleached Cotton Products are not dyed/bleached. Dyed/bleached garments produce chemical by-products that are washed down the drain causing pollutants in our rivers/streams harming aquatic life, it also causes soil erosion.

All plastic products are recycled reducing waste choking our landfills and our dependence on petrochemicals which eases the “Green House” effect.

Metals also clog landfills. ECOLINE has companies that produce quality recycled metal goods.

Why buy ECOLINE products?

You will be saving energy, non-renewable resources and landfill space.

You will be sending a direct message to recipients of your promotional items that you care about the environment and are a responsible consumer and corporate citizen.

What products are available in the ECOLINE range?

Ecoline encompasses are large spectrum and Festival continues to add products but to date, almost every product category is now available in an environmentally friendly form.

What else does ECOLINE do?

It’s more than just green products to us. Within ECOLINE you’ll have the option to reduce packaging, substitute packing materials for recyclable or recycled ones, and use carbon offset shipping. If carbon offset shipping isn’t available in your destination, Festival will calculate the environmental impact and make an equivalent donation to the Nature Conservancy which funds reforestation projects throughout North America.

We are proud to present FESTIVAL PROMOTION’S ever expanding ECOLINE range.

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