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Promotional Products 101

How our products play a key role in meeting your marketing and promotional needs

What are Promotional Products?

Promotional products that are imprinted with a company’s name, logo, mark, or message, promotional products are unique, memorable and cost effective pieces of merchandise that are strategically implemented into all marketing and communication programs.

There are three distinct categories of promotional products:

  • Advertising specialties - imprinted products that are distributed for free
  • Premiums - typically given for incentive purposes
  • Promotional products - given for awards, business gifts, commemoratives and so on.

What types of promotional products do you have?

We have access to over 500,000 different promotional products including hi tech gifts, drinkware, apparel, pens, lapel pins, computer accessories and sooooo much more. Let’s put it this way … any product you can imagine a logo on, we probably have it.

When should I use Promotional Products?

Marketing with Promotional Products

Promotional Products work! Promotional products help in getting the message across to your target audience by assisting you to be seen, experienced and heard, above your competitors. Promotional Products (1) promote goodwill while they advertise your product/service, (2) provide reminders and good exposure for your company, (3) are appreciated and build customer loyalty, (4) are a method of saying thank you to customers and friends, and (5) provide incentives to employees to achieve goals.(6) let you resell to generate revenue for your organization.

Steps towards a successful promotion

Careful thought is needed in developing a successful promotional campaign. Before researching the promotional products available you need to follow these 5 steps to a successful promotion.

  1. Define your promotion goal/s (increase awareness, boost sales)
  2. Identify your target audience/market (students, business, government, your own staff)
  3. Identify what will set your business apart, determine a theme (helps with branding)
  4. Develop a marketing plan/calendar and plan the product distribution
  5. Select the appropriate promotional product according to your budget.

Budgets, Marketing and Promotional Products

The reality in business today is that we are looking for cost-effective methods to get messages across as well as receiving a return on the investment. In doing this, we want to look like marketing geniuses. Promotional Products can assist you in achieving this goal, we are experts at helping you achieve all of the above.

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